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Written and Directed by:Homayoun As'adian
Production Company: Nemadin Ltd.
Director of Photography: Farhad Saba
Music: Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Editor: Said Shahsavari
Set Designer: Samiramis Sadi Nejad
Sound – Recorder: Hassan Zahedi
Sound Mix: Masood Behnam / Seyyed
                     Mahmoud Mousavi-Nezhad

Make-up: Mehrdad Mir –Kiani
Cast: Parviz Parastouie, Habib Rezaie, Fateme Motamed Aria

35mm, Color, 94 Minutes, 1999


Reza, a professional thief, on his first drug assignment witnesses a plane crash and decides to save the passengers onboard.
While trying to save the passengers, he manages to lose one of his shoes, but to make up for his loss, and to fulfill his profession; he cunningly takes a necklace belonging to a female reporter among the passengers.
While in the curse of recovery, the reporter curiously tries to discover the person who saved their lives on the night of the crash.
As the story goes, Reza ends up in jail while his best friend Ebrahim betrays him by taking credit for the saving of he passengers.
As Reza’s efforts to prove his role in saving the passengers is left resultless, Ebrahim enjoys his rewards; a gift earned by his wicked act!
But to make up for his wrong doing, Ebrahim gives up everything to save his friendship with Reza and to live together like the old days.
This story is based on script of Hero from Steven Friers

Biography of Director

Born in Isfahan in 1948, Homayoun As'adian is director of SUNNY MAN, one of the top-grossing Iranian films ever made. A Student of Kanoon Film Courses in 70’s and an assistant director and still photographer in 80’s, he made his debut feature with THE STING in 1994.

Feature Films of Directorr

1994 - THE STING
1996 - SUNNY MAN
1999 - THE PRANK

Festivals and Awards

- 1999/ Iran/ Fajr international film festival