The Gaze :


Directed by: Sepideh Farsi
Screenplay: Sepideh Farsi - Javad Djavahery
Producers: Iraj Taghipoor - Javad Djavahery
Production Company: Neshane Ltd.
Director of Photography : Jamshid Alvandi
Editor: Sepideh Farsi – Hossein Zandbaf
Sound Engineer: Nasser Entezari
Music: Christophe Rezaï
Sound mix : Bruno Tarrière
Make-up: Mohsen Maleki
Cast: Hamid-Reza Daneshvar, Fariba Kossari, Behnaz
Jafari, Mohamad Hatami, Houshang Ghovanlou,
Mohamad Assadi

35mm (1:1.85), Color, Dolby Digital, 83 Minutes, 2005


Esfandyar, on the verge of loosing his sight, goes back to Iran after 20 years. To confront his father who is about to die, and to confront his old love Forough, now his stepmother. Esfandyar has many accounts to settle before he sinks in the darkness.

Biography of Director

Sepideh Farsi was born in Tehran in 1965. After studies in mathematics and a few years of photography, she started making short and documentary films, amongst which Homi D. Sethna, filmmaker which participated in many festivals and The Journey of Maryam, which is an identity quest, with a mixed fiction-documentary treatment. In 2003, she directed Dreams of Dust, her first feature-length, and just finished her next film "NEGAH" (The Gaze).


2005 - "The Gaze" 83'/35mm
2003 - "Dreams of Dust" 82'/ 35 mm
            Rotterdam Film Festival 2004
            Wolrd Film Festival (Montréal) 2003
            La Rochelle Festival (France) 2004
            Delhi Film festival (India) 2004
2002 - "The journey of Maryam" 80'/ 35 mm
            Festival Nouveaux Cinémas (Montréal)


2002 - "Men of Fire" 56', Digital Beta,
             Festival del Popoli, 2002 ( Italy )

2000- "Homi D. Sethna, filmmaker" 69 Min, Digital              Beta,Cinéma du Réel 2001
             Traces de Vie/France 2001
             Bombay film festival 2002 (FIPRESCI award)

1999 - "The world is my home" 53 Min, Digital Beta,
             Cinéma du Réel F.F, Lussas


2005- "The flight" in post production
1997- "Water dreams" 12 Min, 35 mm,
1993- "North wind" 26 Min, 35 mm,
1989 - "Tango" 5 Min, video,
1988- "Red shoes" 5 Min, 16 mm,


"The Innocents" Work in Progress
Hubert Bals Development Fund (December 2003)