Written and Directed by: Said Ebrahimi Far
Producer: Iraj Taghipoor, Adel Yaragi
Production Company: Neshane Ltd.
Director of photography: Mohamad Reza Sokoot
Editor: Adel Yaraghi
Set-Designer: Shiva Rashidian
Sound Engineer: Mehran Malakouti
Music: Said Shahram
Sound Mix: Mohssen Moussavi Nejad
Make-up: Hossein Cherghchi

Cast: Hamid Reza Pegah, Niousha Zeighami, Arash Asefi, Maryam Moghadam, Settareh Eskandari & Ghorban Najafi

35mm, Color, 90 Minutes, 2005


Based on a short story by Gorge Luis Borges �The Encounter� is the tale of imaginary Battles of two swords over a long Span of time, where the swords take on human characteristics like wrath and revenge.

Long after their previous encounter the swords wake up to incite a new battle. As if here swords and only Swords know how to fight and not the swordsmen.

Biography of Director

Born in 1956 into a family of artists; his grand father had talent of poetry, his brothers and sister are sculptor and painters. His father was an industrialist.

Therefore after studies in engineering at university of Arkansas in the States, he turned to radio, television and cinema. Upon his return in Iran (1980), he worked as a translator, assistant director and screenwriter, before making his own first short documentary for Iranian TV (1985).

He wrote, produced and directed his first feature "Nar-oNay" at 1988 and directed his second feature �Lonesome trees� (not released yet) in the year of 2000. "The Encounter" is his 3 rd feature.

Feature Films of Director

1988 - Nar-O-Nay
2000 - Lonesome Trees


2006/ Iran / Fajr F.F. (Guest Film)