Written and Directed by: Asghar Farhadi
Producer: Iraj Taghipoor
Production Company: Neshane Ltd.
Director of photography: Ali Loghmani
Editor: Shahrzad Pooya
Set-Designer: Keyvan Moghaddam
Sound Engineer: Hassan Zahedi
Music: Hamid Reza Sadri
Sound Mix:
Masood Behnam
Make-up: Mehrdad Mir-Kiani
Cast: Faramarz Gharibian, Taraneh Alidoosti,
          Babak Ansari, Ahoo Kheradmand …

35mm, Color, 101 Minutes, 2004


Akbar has just turned eighteen. He has been held in a rehabilitation centre for committing murder at the age of sixteen when he was condemned to death. Legally speaking, he had to reach the age of eighteen so that the conviction could be carried out. Now, Akbar is transferred to prison to await the day of his execution. A`la, a friend of Akbar, who himself has undergone imprisonment for burglary, soon after his release tries desperately to gain the consent of Akbar's plaintiff so as to stop the execution.

Biography of Director

Born in 1972, Asghar Farhadi is a graduate of Theatre from Tehran University (BA) and Tarbiat Modarres (MA).

In Isfahan branch of Iranian Young Cinema Society, Farhadi made some 8mm and 16mm films. Consequently, he wrote plays and screenplays for IRIB. He has also directed some TV series including A TALE OF A CITY and co-wrote the script of Ebrahim Hatamikia's LOW HEIGHTS . DANCING IN THE DUST was Farhadi's first feature film BEAUTIFUL CITY is the last .

Feature Films of Director


Festivals and Awards

- 2004/ Iran/ Fajr International F. F. (Competition)
  Best sound Engineer (Hassan Zahedi)

- 2004/Canada/Montreal Int'l F.F (Competition)
- 2004/ Poland /Warsaw Int'l F.F. (Competition)
  Best Feature Film

- 2004 /USA/School of Chicago

- 2004/Chemnitz Int'l F.F./Germany (Competition)

- 2004/ Sao Paulo F. F./ Brazil (New Filmmakers Competition)

- 2004/ Cinema Tout Ecran/Switzerland (Non Competitive)

  Winner of the Egli Prize

- 2004/ USA / Museum of Fine Arts

- 2004/ India/ Int'l F.F of India (Competition)
  Best Director (Asghar Faradi)
  Best Actor (Faramarz Gharibian)

- 2005/ India/ Pune Int'l F.F.

- 2005/ Thailand/ Bangkok Int'l F.F. (Competition)

- 2005 / Norway/ Tromso Int'l F.F.

- 2005/ Russia / Faces of love F.F.
  Best Film (Golden Arrow)

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